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    Over 10 years experience in industrial law means insyncHR has genuine expertise to offer your small to medium business.


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Belinda has a passion for working with businesses to improve their workplace practices. With over 10 years industrial law expertise, insyncHR aims to create a harmonious environment for businesses to get the best out of their employees. Results focussed, Belinda will enjoy the challenge of finding a unique solution to the complex HR issues facing your business.

Let Belinda get your HR in order.

Diverse Human Resources Expertise

  • What is Workplace Discrimination?

    Are you unconsciously discriminating in your workplace? Discrimination comes in many forms. Some, you may not even be aware of.

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  • Performance Management or Bullying?

    It’s one of the most dreaded discussions: approaching an underperforming employee. But what is the line between performance management and bullying?

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  • How to Give Constructive Feedback.

    The hardest part of a manager’s role is providing employee feedback that is both constructive and effective. To avoid a serious breakdown in communications, a feedback has to be handled sensitively.

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Every business is unique, no one size fits all and insyncHR tailors each approach accordingly. Discover for yourself.

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