Belinda holds a Bachelor’s degree in law and legal practice, but what she does now involves so much more than what she learned in six years at university.

For the last ten years, Belinda has been practicing as a lawyer, specialising in employment law and industrial relations. In that time she has amassed substantial experience in employment issues and commercial nous unique to most, thanks to working in a variety of small to medium businesses across a range of industries.

Belinda’s passion is working with businesses to improve their workplace practices. Her aim is to help create a harmonious environment for businesses to get the best out of their employees, and one that positively affects the business bottom line. An issue which appears to be a pain point and contributing factor in a dysfunctional workplace for employers and business owners alike.

As a mum of two, Belinda has honed her negotiation skills (and her levels of persuasion and patience) in a manner that has made her exceptionally practical. This practicality allows her to skilfully assist many small to medium businesses struggling with human resource issues in their workplace.

Belinda can help get your HR in order. She is results focussed and will enjoy the challenge to find a unique solution to the complex HR issues facing your business. Telling it like it is, Belinda will give you an honest evaluation of your workplace. Her aim is to bring the best results and outcomes to your business and to ensure that you and your managers are set up to identify and proactively manage HR matters in the future, with her assistance.